2022: Year
in Review

We’ve believed in mission-critical SaaS since our founding in 2016. A bright spot of 2022 was finding that businesses balancing profit and growth while providing real value to their customers are cool again.

By the numbers

By any measure, 2022 was a great year.


Acquisitions in 2022


Acquisitions Since 2016


Minority Deal in 2022
(Our First!)


Founders Who Partnered
with ASG in 2022


Meet a Few of Our 2022 Founders


The biggest upside of our success this past year though has been seeing the founders we’ve always celebrated getting some much deserved attention and headlines. Say hi to a few of the founders we welcomed to ASG or partnered with for a second time in 2022.


Jackie Gonzalez and Greg Anderson built Stabilify to improve foster children’s lives, increase the success rate of initial child placements, and improve overall outcomes – all in a measurable way. In 2022 they joined Radicle Health’s KCare to continue their mission and have an even bigger impact as part of a bigger human services company.


Mike Martin and Taylor Beauchamp created an incredibly powerful software solution and team in Hotel Effectiveness. After seeing both through the pandemic, they joined forces with Transcendent, ProfitSword and ALICE in 2022 to launch Actabl and transform the hospitality software industry.

BEN PESKOE led his business Sierra Interactive for 16 years growing it into a real estate software leader that supports thousands of top-performing real estate agents and teams in over 400 North American markets. He was looking for a partner whose vision for Sierra was as big as his own, and he found it with us in 2022.

KD NYGAARD, who founded Sara, saw this digital assistant for caseworkers become the foundation of Radicle Apps, which will be aimed straight at solving the staffing crisis in human services organizations.

DOUG TRELEAVEN dedicated a decade to building ThinkLP to help retailers manage shrinkage, (including from the organized retail theft that we are all too familiar with in the Bay Area). We’re thrilled he chose ASG as his company and team’s partner for growth.

ORI TAMUZ & DAVID BITTON sold their legal tech business PracticePanther to ASG back in 2018 and we were over the moon to lead the Series A for their newest venture, DoorLoop in 2022. It was the first minority deal we’ve done at ASG, but investing in the repeat success of founders like Ori and David wasn’t an opportunity we could pass up.

And finally, we cheered on PhotoLynx TIM MCCAIN, whom we welcomed to ASG back in 2019, as he and the entire ImageQuix product suite and team headed to Charlesbank to write their next chapter of growth. Tim will always be a beloved founder in the ASG community for his super power of connection and building relationships, and we can’t wait to see what he, ImageQuix CEO Alex Kovacevic, and the rest of the team tackle together next.


Looking Ahead

Our Team

Growth and scale never come easy, but we are fortunate to have the talent and opportunity to take on both in 2023 and we’ll be continuing to grow our existing companies — both organically and through M&A — as we seek out new flagships for our next mission-critical software verticals. 

This will be a year of pushing our boundaries and expanding what’s possible. And we expect that to be both incredibly challenging and awesomely rewarding work. 

To all of the founders, leaders and friends in our community today – thank you for trusting and partnering with us, and defining what makes ASG so special.To our future founders and coworkers — we can’t wait to meet you.

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