November 30, 2022

ASG's Radicle Health Aims To Address Human Services Staffing Crisis With the Launch of Radicle Apps

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NEW YORK & Spokane Valley, Wash.--Radicle Health, a human services software organization backed by ASG, today announced the launch of Radicle Apps, which will be focused on addressing the staffing crisis within the human services industry. 

“Our customers consistently report 20-40% staff vacancy rates, while battling an all-time high need for services. In this industry, a staffing crisis doesn’t mean reduced restaurant hours or a longer line at the store. It’s the difference between people putting food on the table, finding a bed for the night, getting mental health care and accessing potentially lifesaving services — or not,” said Radicle Health CEO, Tyler Hoffman. “Our customers are facing extreme pressure to meet soaring demand with dwindling supply. They are looking for us to support them in new ways, and Radicle Apps is our response.”

Radicle Health acquires, operates and grows mission critical human services software companies. Today, Radicle Health’s companies are Foothold Technology, KCare and Link2Feed, which together provide platform technology solutions to more than 12,000 human services organizations across the U.S. and Canada. Radicle Apps is a suite of platform-agnostic software and services that supercharge the value of these platforms for Radicle Health’s existing customers.

“Think of it like an App Store for Radicle Health customers,” said Radicle Apps President, Emily Branton. “Our customers will be able to add on the software and services they need to help solve their biggest challenges. We designed Radicle Apps to enhance — not replace — the functionality of our platform products. We envision Radicle Apps encompassing both software and services that complement our platforms; for example, tools that help our customers improve employee and client happiness, reduce manual work, increase revenue and reduce costs. The first area of focus for Radicle Apps is to help automate the time-consuming, routine tasks that plague all human services organizations. We’re tackling this challenge with our acquisition of Sara, a digital assistant for case managers.” 

Launched in 2015 by founder KD Nygaard, Sara can handle direct client communication by text and automatically store the interaction in an organization’s existing platform technology system. It also manages electronic signatures and has HIPAA compliant remote video conferencing. “Sara is essentially a caseworker’s assistant that loves administrative work, takes thorough case notes, has no capacity limitations, is impeccably trained and is available for clients 24/7,” said Branton. “Customers across Radicle Health are looking for innovative ways to manage paperwork and follow-ups with fewer resources, and that’s exactly what Sara does. Sara is the ideal extension to any human services organization's existing technology stack.”

As part of the transition to Radicle Health, KD Nygaard will be stepping away from day-to-day operations of the business and moving into an advisory role for the Sara team. The rest of the Sara team, including Director of Operations, Cody Dixon, will continue in their current roles supporting Sara’s current and future customers. 

“I’m thrilled that Sara is joining Radicle Health,” said Dixon. “Up until this point, we’ve built a great product and supported our customers with a small and scrappy team. We’ve always talked about broadening our reach to additional areas within human services, but have never had the resources to make it happen. The types of customers Radicle Health already serves will give us the opportunity to finally bring our vision to life.”


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