June 30, 2022

ASG Bets on the Future of the Hotel Software Industry

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It doesn’t feel like all that long ago that people were predicting the end of the hotel industry as we know it. But at ASG we always invest with a long-term view. So, while other SaaS buyers in the market shied away from hotel ops software, we leaned in.

We don’t have a crystal ball. But we knew that we would want to return to connecting with family, friends, and our teams in person, in addition to adventuring to places and experiences far and wide. So software that enables hoteliers to make those trips possible was a risk we decided we were very willing to continue to bet on when opportunities arose.

I say “continue” because we had already acquired Transcendent in September of 2019. That acquisition gave us a solid understanding about operating companies in this vertical, and that gave us conviction that this was a space we wanted to be in — even as we headed into the spring of 2020 and things on the business side of hotels and hotel ops software got pretty scary.

So when we had the chance, we acquired ProfitSword in 2020, and ALICE in 2021.

As the hotel industry continues to chart an impressive return this year, we are thrilled to make our biggest (though certainly not our last) announcement in the space to date: ASG has launched Actabl, our new hotel ops platform that will reimagine how hotel owners and operators view what’s possible at scale. The platform will include Transcendent, ProfitSword, ALICE, and our latest acquisition, Hotel Effectiveness.

By providing a unified suite of business intelligence, labor management, and operations software, Actabl equips hoteliers with a deeper understanding of their properties and the tools to act on those insights.

Launching a new platform also means creating new opportunities, and we couldn’t be happier to introduce you to the Actabl leadership team.

Because leadership and community are so core to what we do at ASG I’d also like to take a moment to celebrate our industry-leading CEOs, members of Alpine’s CIT program, and alumni Founders who are moving into elevated roles:

  • Steven Moore will take on a new role as CEO of Actabl, bringing the experience and deep industry knowledge he gained as CEO of Transcendent.
  • Rob Ryan is moving into a role as President and COO of Actabl. Rob has tremendous experience from his work as CEO and previously CRO of ProfitSword.
  • Jason Luo is the Chief Revenue Officer of Actabl and the former CEO of ALICE. We’re thrilled to have Jason’s impressive track record of leading sales and customer success teams at work.
  • Carleton Rawles will act as Chief Strategy Officer of Actabl, leading sales, strategy, and operations initiatives. Carleton began at Actabl as VP of Sales & Marketing at Transcendent.
  • Jeremi Ford will act as Chief Product Officer for Actabl. As Co-Founder of Transcendent, Jerimi led the organization’s transformation to an enterprise SaaS solution.

And finally, I’d also like to congratulate Hotel Effectiveness Co-Founders Mike Martin and Taylor Beauchamp and officially welcome them and the Hotel Effectiveness team to the ASG community and the Actabl platform.

We can’t wait to see how the whole Actabl team transforms the hospitality software industry — this is just the beginning.

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