The Alpine connection.

ASG was founded by Mark Strauch, Billy Maguy, and Jake Brodsky. As members of the Alpine Investors team, they saw a unique opportunity to create a new kind of SaaS software company by leveraging Alpine’s operating experience, expertise, and capital. In 2016, ASG was born. ASG incorporates many of the successful programs developed by Alpine, and then puts the ASG spin on them to accelerate growth for ASG as a whole and each of our individual companies.

This includes:

The PeopleFirst™ philosophy and leadership program. We believe the key to success is working with, learning from, and developing incredible people.

A market-tested playbook for building winning businesses, with purpose-built ASG extensions to help take vertical SaaS companies to the next level.

A CEO program, allowing us to recruit and train exceptional CEOs to help lead and grow the companies we buy.

Financial backing from Alpine Investors.