Radicle Health

WE FORMED RADICLE HEALTH because we believe technology is at the root of success in the human services sector, but that no single system can meet the needs of every agency. Under one roof, our teams can learn from each other, can more quickly test ideas, and can think holistically about our communities and the people at the center of those communities.


"We believe that addressing the non-medical factors that account for 80% of health outcomes is the #1 public health priority of our generation. So we built Radicle Health to provide the human services organizations on the front lines of this work with technology they deserve."

Tyler Hoffman

Group CEO of Radicle Health & CEO of Foothold Technology

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Radicle Health

Radicle Health acquires mission critical human services software companies with the goal of supporting and empowering agencies to do the important work of serving their clients and communities. The Radicle Health group is currently comprised of Foothold Technology, the KCare family of brands — which includes Exym and extendedReach — and Link2Feed.

Exym acquired by ASG

Foothold Technologies acquired by ASG

KaleidaCare acquired by ASG

Link2Feed acquired by ASG

extendedReach is acquired by KCare

Relevant Health Homes is acquired by Foothold

Exym joins the KCare family of brands

Stabilify is acquired by KCare

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