Have a blast.

We’re creating a radically different, infinitely scalable software business comprised of category-leaders in niche vertical software markets. Discover how.

What we do.

We buy, build, and operate market-leading vertical SaaS companies. Not to be confused with a venture capital or traditional private equity (or a super-sized software conglomerate for that matter), we invest in people and companies for the long haul. Each company runs independently yet benefits from shared expertise, resources, capital, and community. We’re better, together.

Why it works.

ASG takes your company to the next level with exceptional talent, data analytics, a market-tested playbook, and funding from Alpine Investors.

What we believe.

People come first…no exceptions.

Knowledge sharing makes us all better.

Silos are for farms not companies.

Talent is based on what you can do, not what you’ve done.

Every company should be as good as your best company.

Data makes us all smarter.

Capital can be a force for good.

ASG by the numbers.

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What we look for.

We follow guidelines, not hard and fast rules, when it comes to finding the right companies to join ASG. Here are a few criteria we look for:

Vertical SaaS

≥$2M of Recurring Revenue

90%+ Recurring Revenue

Strong Revenue Growth

Majority up to 100% buyouts

The ASG way.


We have a say-do ratio of 1:1.


We move quickly and are able to complete the full deal cycle in 3 months.


We have financial backing, best-in-class talent, and a market-tested playbook.