July 19, 2022

Link2Feed Recognized on B Corporations ‘Best for the World’ List


One of the areas of software we invest in at ASG is human services. It’s a phrase that will never really do justice to the life and community-changing work that companies like Link2Feed and our other Radicle Health businesses tackle each and every day.

For Link2Feed, ‘human services’ really means that they’re a certified B Corporation focused on helping impact driven organizations tackle poverty relief in their communities.

They’re being recognized in three areas by B Corporations Best for the World list 2022: Customers, Governance and Workers.

Best for the World – Customers

The “Customers” category recognizes companies that set a standard for serving their customers, or services that support the greater good, often focusing on underserved populations.

Link2Feed scores highly in this category because of how they center the customer voice in their organization through actions like:

  • Their customer advisory board
  • Measuring and setting goals for customer satisfaction metrics
  • Developing case studies about customer outcomes
  • Their dedicated customer experience team
  • Volunteering in the field using their product

Link2Feed has been recognized in this category since 2017!

Best for the World – Governance

The “Governance” category is for companies that excel in how they engage employees, board members, and the community to achieve their mission, as well as employee access to financial information, customers’ opportunities to provide feedback, and the diversity of their governing bodies.

Link2Feed excels in this category by:

  • Embedding the requirements of being a B Corp in their company bylaws
  • Having a dedicated and diverse board of directors as well as an external board of advisors
  • Being transparent in key performance metrics and financial information for their team

They were also recognized in this category in 2019!

Best for the World – Workers

The “Workers” category acknowledges companies that create benefits and great working conditions for their staff.

Link2Feed makes a difference for their team by:

  • Having an objective, data-driven approach to compensation
  • Offering excellent insurance and retirements benefits
  • Committing to ongoing training and personal/professional development
  • Having an ongoing performance management process with all members of the team
  • Surveying employees on satisfaction anonymously each quarter to understand what’s going well and what could be improved

They were also recognized in this category in 2019!

We are so happy to see Link2Feed acknowledged as a company that is not only great, but is great FOR the world.

Congratulations to CEO Emily Branton and the entire Link2Feed team. We are thrilled that you chose ASG to be a part of your continuing story!


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