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We put people first. Always.

From Founders and CEOs to customers and employees, we believe that the key to success is working with, learning from, and developing exceptional people. The PeopleFirst™ program makes it happen.

We think great ideas and expertise should be shared. ASG Labs makes it possible.

When you combine world-class talent with company-wide collaboration, growth happens. Exponentially. That’s why we created ASG Labs, a team of specialists who work across all of our companies, providing expertise when and where you need it.

We rely on experience. The ASG Playbook is our go-to guide.

Through years of working with CEOs and successful, purpose-driven software companies, we’ve identified a market-tested formula to ignite organic growth.  Strategic and actionable, the ASG Playbook delivers expert tools and tactics to help you and your team build an enduring company.

We believe evidence beats intuition. In other words, data rules.

We live and die by the data. As data-informed decision makers, we use pattern recognition to identify challenges, seize opportunities, and accelerate growth. There’s simply no better way to optimize and simplify decision making across an organization.

We acquire with confidence. Thanks to funding from Alpine Investors.

We have the freedom and flexibility to move quickly on acquisitions and identify and execute add-ons when the need is there and the moment is right.

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Natalie Clark shares how ASG is continuing her family’s legacy.
Foothold Technology
Hear why Marlowe Greenberg chose ASG to effect greater change in behavioral health.
David Bitton and Ori Tamuz explain when they knew they’d found the right partner to scale.
Damon Haber shares his journey from the rental car industry to ASG.
Hear from Chris, Founder of Aerialink, on when he knew his company reached an inflection point.

The truth is,
it stops being
fun when…

You’re working 80 – 100 hours a week

You’re no longer focusing on what you love

You’re spending less time with the people you love

You’re running out of money

You and your
company benefit
with ASG.

Liquidity and flexibility for Founders.

ASG gives you the freedom to get back to what you love. Stay on in a new role or ride off into the sunset. It’s up to you.

World-class talent.

Whatever you need, we’re here to help with leadership, guidance, and support. ASG brings in a CEO and supports your team with a dedicated financial whiz, growth experts, recruiting professionals, and more.


Running a bootstrapped company can be lonely. When you’re part of ASG, you join a community where everyone—Founders, CEOs, and employees—share and grow together.

It’s smart
to compare.

What you want
Traditional Private Equity/
Venture Capital Firms
Traditional Software
Company Buyers
To stay on in a new role or start a brand new adventure
Because bootstrapping has its limits
Experts to help your company reach its potential
To ensure people are treated right