Ernie Graham

Company: Homebot
Founded: 2015

What inspired you to start your company?

The realization that 83% of the average homeowner’s retirement wealth comes from home equity. And the stark reality that these same homeowners don’t think of their home as an asset, much less a retirement plan.

How would you describe what your company does?

We drive repeat/referrals/lead conversion for Lenders (& their Realtor partners). Our customers succeed by giving the addictive (~50% monthly engagement) Homebot “client-for-life portal” to all of their past clients and prospects.

What is your company mission?

Help Lenders and Real Estate agents create clients-for-life by empowering consumers to build wealth thru homeownership.

What has been your proudest moment as a Founder?

When we discovered that Homebot works just as well (if not better) in a downmarket (COVID-19) for our customers and their clients.

Favorite quote:

“Timing is more important than time.”