Two of the most common questions we receive from Founders and CEO’s of SaaS businesses are:

  1. – What metrics should I be tracking for my business?
  2. – What does good look like?

They’re both important questions. Tracking your metrics and benchmarking against the industry is a powerful way to gauge success of your business. In this webinar, join us as we discuss our approach to metrics at ASG and what good looks like for your SaaS business.


  • Jamie Linden, CFO of ASG
  • Soumya Nettimi, CEO of ASG LegalTech (includes PracticePanther, Bill4Time and MerusCase)
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“I have some familiarity with these and other SaaS metrics, and this webinar was a really excellent refresh/recap of the most important ones. I especially liked the color commentary on how they’re being used within your organization. Both presenters were excellent and the back and forth between them was engaging. Great job!”