Become an ASG Finder.

You find the business, we buy the business, you earn big.

ASG Finders are our boots on the ground referral network helping us scope out mission critical, vertical SaaS businesses with $2M+ in revenue who are looking for their next phase of growth.

ASG Finders — How it works


You find a business you think would be a good fit for ASG.


You complete the contact form below.


Our team digs in.


If we say “we’re in” (i.e. the business meets our criteria), you introduce us via email and ensure response from the Founder. We take it from there.


If the deal becomes real, you receive anywhere from $25,000 - $400,000 (based on deal size).


Celebrate your new ASG Finders status.

Ready to become an ASG Finder?

Submit a business below.


If you’re a Founder, please submit your business through our Contact Us form directly.

No. You’ll need to introduce us to the majority shareholder of the business to qualify for the ASG Finders payout.

The payout amount will be dependent on the size of the business.

We look for a variety of different criteria when assessing a business. A few common reasons we might pass on your referral (before or after meeting them): it doesn’t hit our financial criteria, operates in a market susceptible to risk during our hold period, or we are not aligned on purchase price.

Once you submit the referral form, someone from our team will begin research. You’ll hear from us only if we’re interested. We encourage you to continue referring businesses even if your first few haven’t materialized!

If you’ve introduced us to a business and then we decide to pass, we’ll be sure to follow up and share any feedback on why the deal didn’t materialize.

Yes! You can only submit one business in the form at a time, but we welcome as many submissions you’d like to send.

Terms of Service

By submitting the referral for review, you understand that your introduction may be rejected, at which point no success fee would be required to be paid by ASG, even if ASG completes a Transaction with the Company in the future.

In order to qualify for payment, you must introduce ASG directly to the Founder, or majority shareholder of the Company, who then must engage in a conversation with ASG regarding a potential transaction. The success fee will only be paid in the scenario where ASG completes the acquisition of the Company within 12 months of your introduction.